Get in the mindset for spring for your Pool

Hi, this is Tony your pool guy!

As temperatures start to rise outside and in your pool, you would do well to start doing a little maintenance on your pool.

  1. On a warm day, clean your cover off so you can keep this water clean. Leaves lying on the top the cover can cause a lot of algae formation as the water warms up on top the cover.

2.     Starting your pool for a few hours and balancing your chemicals can save you a ton in chemical cost when you do open your pool.

3. Balance your Alkalinity first, then your Ph, then your Chlorine, Then your calcium.

4. Check now to see what may need to get fixed. I know it can be frustrating to be ready to jump in and something is broken!

We at Aqua Care are ready to help you with all of your pool needs. Give us a call 864-498-1660



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